AMWA get away – Salisbury Plain

AMWA get away – Salisbury Plain

Pink at the International dog show held in Rotterdam acquired her final point towards her Youth Title winning her class and then taking?Best of Opposite Sex. To make things even better this was her final point and now she is?Marahootay Desert Orchid NJK (Nederlands Youth Champion)?like father like daughter!! Well done Pink, Angelique for doing such a fantastic job handling her and of course Johan for taking the great pictures !

We entered Sultan at Bournemouth Championship show under Judge Mr J Luscott and warned Francine that his results may take a little dip as he is moving up a class into junior and still looks like a puppy. However, we were amazed when Sultan finished 3rd in a tough junior class at the tender age of 1 year and 1 week.

The highlight of this month is the bank holiday weekend which is spent down on Salisbury plain at the annual AMWA get away organized by Steve and Ruth Whitfield.

If you have never been and enjoy talking about dogs, drinking, eating and maybe if you are feeling very energetic running the dogs very early in the morning, then can I recommend this weekend to you!! It is a lovely opportunity to chat to people that you only say hello to at the rallies, enjoy a few drinks, listen to some great seminars on subjects like barf and generally kick back and relax.

This was our opportunity to put Sultan and his sister Genie in front of a rig for the first time and see how it goes. After a few hiccups and the puppies thinking the idea is to catch Ian Muncaster (who kindly ran in front to encourage them) jump all over him and make him muddy, they began to get the idea and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Although, maybe a little more training will be needed before the first rally ?