Hades at Crufts

Well what shall we say about March, Marahootay Lonely Heart continues to grow and has a lovely family waiting for her. She is a little madam and loves to growl and jump on top of Feline’s head or try and pull Feline along by her tail which Feline tolerates with an occasional grumble!!

Senay came over to handle Hades at Crufts, but he was not the Judges type (he preferred larger dogs). However Marahootay Sorcery At Shamanictrax (Ghost) handled by Bryony was fantastic and finished 2nd in the limit class being beaten by the bitch who took the reserve CC ticket. The judge wrote “Clark’s Marahootay Sorcery at Shamanictrax, super outline, well constructed powerful frame, sound free action. Not quite in full coat;” Our congratulations to Bryony and Wayne for making our day.

We also had a fantastic day out at Buttersteep for the AMWA rally it was eventful to say the least but everyone had a good time and we got too meet up with friends and their dogs which is always fun.