Marnie wants to rule the roost!

We received a short video today showing Marnie trying to exercise her dominance over her new friend!
From Kim:

As you can see Marnie is top dog! Surprisingly… and bullies Koi terribly! Lol

She’s now enjoying exploring on her walks although we don’t get too far with how many people want to stop to fuss her! She is pretty much house trained now too (aside from excited wees when people visit) and mostly goes through the night – very nice to not have a cage to clean in the morning.

Ears are virtually up 🙂 and we had our first puppy training session Tuesday! Which went quite well in between all the excitement of the other dogs!

She’s extremely loving and turning out to be everything we wanted in an addition to our family 🙂

Hope you and your pups and rest of tribe are doing well!

Here’s the video: