Update: Marnie (Marahootay Roc A By Baby)

From Kim:

Marnie is fully settled now and well accustomed to her new life! She’s very taken to my little boy and literally sleeps as close as she can get to him (which is very cute – hopefully they continue to grow up together very close). He is also trying to copy her bark, they play for hours doing that! No more howling/crying at night now too. My neighbour calls her chewbacca.

She has had her second injections today and was good as gold. The vet commented how perfect she was stating that she’s a ‘perfect example of the breed’ and gave much credit to yourselves! All in all he says she’s in great health and growing nicely. Has put 1.3lbs on since your vet visit with her!

Here’s a few pics that Kim sent: