Summer 2008 litter – Hades x Mushu

Summer 2008 litter – Hades x Mushu

In June 2008 we mated Mushu and Hades and had high hopes for this litter. We were not disappointed. Mushu surprised us all by giving us 8 boys and 3 girls, all healthy and happy.

Sire: Hades(NJK Stormchaser Prince of Darkness Mit Marahootay)


Dam: Mushu (Polarpaws Baby Bear At Marahootay)


Hades has good bone, pigmentation and a dense harsh coat. As he is from American lines he is stocky and compact with a wonderful laid back temperament just like our girl Mushu. He is a Dutch Youth Champion, Youth Winner Amsterdam 2007, Best of Breed Dortmund 2007 at only 14 months winning the title Rassebester Nationale Zuchtschau Dortmund 2007.

Both parents love to run and Mushu was part of the fastest two bitch team at Aviemore 2007. Mushu’s movement is sublime and Hades also is a powerhouse.

Hades and Mushu were part of the three dog team that finished 3rd at Aviemore 2008 and were the first 3 dog malamute team across the line in their class.

Hades is eyesight clear and has a hip score of 8 (4+4). Both his older litter brothers are international champions. Hades is currently 1 point short of being Dutch champion, for more information?visit his page.

Mushu is eyesight clear and has a hip score of 7 (3+4). You can see Mushu being shown and worked regularly with our other Malamutes. For more information?visit her page.

Puppy photos and videos


Puppies at 3 days

Puppies at 1 week old

Three little ladies . . .

Eight little men . . .

Puppies at 2 weeks old

Dark, lighter and lighter . . .

The puppies are now moving around, warning: this video is a bit dark . . .

Puppies at 3 weeks old

As you can see their eyes are open and they’re wobbling around the puppy pen . . .

Puppies at 4 weeks old

They just get cuter and cuter!

The puppies at 4 weeks old – one by one!

Puppy number 1

Puppy number 2

Puppy number 3

Puppy number 4

Puppy number 5

Puppy number 6

Puppy number 7

Puppy number 8

Puppy number 9

Puppy number 10

Puppy number 11

Puppies at 5 weeks old

Pictures and video of them running around the patio

Puppies at 6 weeks old

Attempting to bully Sarah.

The puppies at 6 weeks old – one by one!

First the girlies

Little lady number 1

Little lady number 2

Little lady number 3

Now onto the boys – first the grey and whites

Grey and white boy number 1

Grey and white boy number 2

Grey and white boy number 3

Grey and white boy number 4

Now onto the boys – and now the black and whites

Seal and white boy number 1

Seal and white boy number 2

Seal and white boy number 3

Seal and white boy number 4

Puppies at 8 weeks old

The puppies start to leave us

Well we all cried when the puppies left home to start their new lives with their new families, but everyone looked very excited.

Baloo left with Kevin and Wendy for a life in leafy Kent.

Baloo leaving with Kevin & Wendy

Zidan left with Steve and Rhonda for a life in Scotland.

Zidan leaving with Steve and Rhonda

Puppies at 11 weeks old

Five of the puppies were reunited at the AMWA weekend and all played happily together.

Later on during the hot afternoon we took three of them for a swim in the river to cool off.