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We are a small family kennel, whose love is Alaskan Malamutes. Our dogs are worked at rallies throughout England, where because we very rarely have snow and so cannot compete on sleds, we race on three wheeled rigs. We also compete at conformation shows both in the UK and in Europe, and have regularly competed at Crufts.

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The 2013 litter at 8 weeks old

Not long now until the puppies head off to their new homes and the big wide world! They were particularly adventurous this week, climbing all over each other to try and nibble my ears and lick my face, to the point where I couldn’t take any photos until they had worn themselves out a bit! Don’t be fooled by their sedate appearance in this week’s photos – these puppies are full of beans!

Announcing the birth of our 2013 litter

Marahootay is pleased to announce the birth of our 2013 Effie x Logan litter, born on August 28th. Mother and puppies are all doing well. The litter consists of 4 females and 3 males. We’ll have, of course, lots of photos on the website soon! For more information on this breeding, see the breeding page.… Continue Reading