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We are a small family kennel, whose love is Alaskan Malamutes. Our dogs are worked at rallies throughout England, where because we very rarely have snow and so cannot compete on sleds, we race on three wheeled rigs. We also compete at conformation shows both in the UK and in Europe, and have regularly competed… Continue Reading

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Birthday Week!

Birthday Week!

On Monday we celebrated the 3rd birthday of Pink, Sultan, Genie, Alvin, Max, Koda and Miska. ?Here’s a great photo of Pink sent to us by Angelique. And on Tuesday we celebrated the 1st birthday of Kenai, Yellow, Olli, Yogi, Pyro, Cleo and Leila. Where has the year gone?!? Josefine contributed this birthday photo of… Continue Reading

AMWA get away – Salisbury Plain

AMWA get away – Salisbury Plain

Pink at the International dog show held in Rotterdam acquired her final point towards her Youth Title winning her class and then taking?Best of Opposite Sex. To make things even better this was her final point and now she is?Marahootay Desert Orchid NJK (Nederlands Youth Champion)?like father like daughter!! Well done Pink, Angelique for doing… Continue Reading

Update on Timber (Marahootay Roc Star)

Martin and Ellen sent us an update on Timber: Well it’s 2 weeks now since Timber joined us in Norfolk and he seems to have settled in really well. As with all pups everything he comes across goes straight into his mouth for taste testing and every corner of the garden holds new adventures. As… Continue Reading

Marnie wants to rule the roost!

We received a short video today showing Marnie trying to exercise her dominance over her new friend! From Kim: As you can see Marnie is top dog! Surprisingly… and bullies Koi terribly! Lol She’s now enjoying exploring on her walks although we don’t get too far with how many people want to stop to fuss… Continue Reading

Update: Marnie (Marahootay Roc A By Baby)

From Kim: Marnie is fully settled now and well accustomed to her new life! She’s very taken to my little boy and literally sleeps as close as she can get to him (which is very cute – hopefully they continue to grow up together very close). He is also trying to copy her bark, they… Continue Reading