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We are a small family kennel, whose love is Alaskan Malamutes. Our dogs are worked at rallies throughout England, where because we very rarely have snow and so cannot compete on sleds, we race on three wheeled rigs. We also compete at conformation shows both in the UK and in Europe, and have regularly competed at Crufts.

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Timber’s first experience of snow

Timber’s first experience of snow


From Martin:

He spent much time racing up and down trying to catch the flakes and seemed quite disappointed when it melted. You will also note 2 magnificent sticky up ears. He is giving us so much pleasure (and a few grey hairs). I think his brain is slowly starting to kick in although consistent house training still eludes him, I now have shares in all kitchen roll manufactures, haha. He has had a few quick sorties into Thetford forest and really enjoys his walks and rides in the car.

Update on Timber (Marahootay Roc Star)

Martin and Ellen sent us an update on Timber:

Well it’s 2 weeks now since Timber joined us in Norfolk and he seems to have settled in really well. As with all pups everything he comes across goes straight into his mouth for taste testing and every corner of the garden holds new adventures. As the photos show one ear is pointing the right direction but the other seems reluctant at the moment. Timbers house training is going ok given his inability to hold a wee for longer than 10min (def not a boy thing) by visiting the garden every time he has a drink which is keeping us fit as he is certainly a drinker. He has given us so much pleasure in the short time he has been with us and is now starting to get a real character. He has now charmed our whole family and found a real friend in my parents spaniel, who seems quite happy to chase around the garden with him, Timber at 11wks is bigger…… Hope all is well your end. Best wishes, Martin and Ellen

New puppies settling in well at their new homes

New puppies settling in well at their new homes

Here’s some updates from our recent litter: Timber After staking his claim for a spot to sleep, Timber had a good nap! Marnie Marnie is getting on well with her new friend Koi. Amala I don’t think we need any words for Amala … look at these beautiful pictures: Continue Reading