Dakota (Marahootay The Sunbird)


Marahootay The Sunbird

December 2009: All about Dakota in 2009?

Hello to all my lovely family at Marahootay

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update you but I have only just worked out how to email you.

Well you were right – I do fit in very well with the Lyons family, we alre all as nutty as each other. Mum reckons she could write a book about our antics. And there are times when I have had an identity crisis . . . . am I a dog, a cat or a child ??!?? But as the baby of the family I am totally spoilt.

I have been a very busy girl. We have been to Salisbury twice with AMWA and in 2009 I won Prettiest Bitch, and this year won Junior Handler with my boy Leon in the fun dog show. And camping in the new forest . . . and these weekends are great as I get to see all of you.

I started at ring-craft early on and consistantly win at our Match nights and this is where I learn how to behave in the ring. And even if I do say so myself I am very good!

Mum has entered me into Dog Shows and I am very proud of my achievements, they are:

– Beckenham Canine Association – 1st in my class and Best AV Working Puppy.
– Wickford Basildon & Disctrict – 2nd in Puppy Malamute class with my brother Meeko taking first. 1st in AV Working and Best Puppy in AV Working and Pastoral Breeds.
– South West Essex Canine Association – 2nd in Malamute Class
– Bedford Canine Society – 1st AV Working and Reserve Best of Breed.

I also got 3 1st places at Woofstock companion Dog show. And went on to win?Best in Show?at Barnet Festival Dog Show, where I showed my gratitude by leaving my mark on the Mayor’s lovely cream suit!!!

I have had two lovely write-ups in Dog World and they read:

– “Marahootay the Sunbird: Puppy of 10 mths, correct bite, structure and movement, Pretty Bitch with lovely coat, showed very well for one so young.” – Heather Watkin
– “Marahootay the Sunbird: Beautifully constructed young bitch, very pretty but still has the strength required. Dark eye and good ears, good straight legs with good bone, correctly angulated that showed in her movement.” – Kimberly Jebson

We also got invited by The Kennel Club to attend?Discover Dogs?at Earls Court this year and I got placed 2nd in the pedigree class. There were lots of entries into the Best Buddies class and I got some fantastic comments, like what a great advocate I was for the breed to see an 8 year old handling me and how everyone loved my ‘singing’.

I am also a?Pets As Therapy?dog. I passed my assessment at East of England Champ show and now regularly visit a school for children with special needs. I absolutely love children and when I got on the school run you will always know where I am – usually under a pile of Children!

And I am Santas Lil’ Helper at my childrens school Christmas Grotto. I still get alot of attention whereever I go and I am always happy to have my belly rubbed.

My Mum says they broke the mould when they made me and I am one of kind. And she wants to thank you for letting me come into her life and bringing so much joy, unconditional love and all the new friends that I have attracted along the way.

Well – I am going to go now and dig my mum another hole in the garden – so you all take care and I hope to see you in the New Year for some puppy loves.

Lots of sloppy hugs and kisses

August 2008: Dakota goes to the AMWA weekend?

Dakota took her new family to the AMWA weekend, it was a tough weekend.

Dakota and Delta go for a paddle to cool down.

August 2008: Dakota settling into her new home?

Dakota settling into her new home.

Dakota has an older sister, Delta, to keep in check.

But she finds where to chill out.