Indiana: Marahootay Dark of the Son

Indiana: Marahootay Dark of the Son

April 2009: Indie update?

Well – Indie is huge. He’s a great big teddy bear. He weighs 40.5kg, which is heavier than Chief weighs!!

He has a gorgeous nature, so loving, he follows me everywhere, I can leave him off lead whereever I go as he will not leave me! He loves nothing more than to be fussed or cuddled and loves to lay with you or snuggle up to you!

Him and Chief get on like a house on fire. I’m so glad we decided to get another malamute. They play all the time, run riot around the house and go mental when we’re out. It’s great to see them running around together.

Where we walk them they are like film stars, with loads of people stopping to stroke them or take pictures!!! He’s still going to dog club with Chief and has taken his bronze good citizen award, and is already in gold class .

August 2008: Indiana goes to his new home?

Indie is doing so well and has settled in perfectly.

He’s a little scamp, if theres something to be nicked and chewed, he’s there! So far we’ve lost shoes, a phone, remote controls, lottery tickets (luckily not winners!) tea towels, magazines, newspapers and even the watering can that he poudly took back to his crate and tried to get in his bed with it !! Hes a lovable naughty imp !

Him and Chief are getting on like a house on fire and Chief has really settled down now he has indie to play with.

They spend most days and nights playing, and Chief as already taught Indie how to dig big holes in the garden!

He’s growing so quickly, I think he will be bigger than Chief and I thought Chief was big! Indie has been going to puppy classes where I take Chief, and he’s doing really well, nothing fazes him, a whole room of dogs can be going crazy and he’ll just lay down and chill.

He’s walking on the lead really well, and he’s doing recalls and sits and downs so he’s learning very quickly too. We just couldn’t have asked for a better pup really, I thought we were lucky with Chief, but we have been so very lucky with Indie.

Indiana, or Indie, went to live with Lorraine and John.