Meeko (Marahootay Diamond Seeker)


Marahootay Diamond Seeker

Meeko is a combination of Mushu and Hades he has his fathers eyes, and his mothers darker markings. He has a lovely laid back temperament and is a very chilled young man. He has a lovely harsh coat with nice dark pigmentation. Once we stop him from bunny hopping around the show ring we are hopeful that he will continue with his showing success and hopefully he will mature into a lovely young man.

He still plays with his sibling Lucifer and the pair are the best of friends. At present Meeko is being handled in the show ring by Francine and has been doing very well. We look forward to seeing him mature and grow.

Oh and for those of you who can’t place the name Meeko was the raccoon from Pocahontas.

Sire: Stormchaser Prince of Darkness mit Marahootay

Dam: Polarpaws Baby Bear at Marahootay

DOB: June 7, 2008

Hip score: 10 (7+3)

Eye test: Too young